The Sunbaked King

A Little Poem

I have a little poem:

Hear my plea, my silent tears
I have succumbed to a blogger’s fears
Although I’ve tried to write them down
These thoughts– so stubborn– won’t come around
Up ’til now, the page’s blank
Soon, I hope, my mind gets cranked.

Seriously. I have several ideas for entries all neatly lined up: 2 restaurant reviews, 1 movie review, 2 testimonials, 1 sorta “wala lang” list, and a sticky post for some much-needed Book Club and Boob Tube updates. Unfortunately, they remain as ideas, and, more unfortunate, I think they’re going to remain as ideas for a little bit longer. You see, I have become obsessed.

With studying, that is. I have finally found the discipline to arrive at work before my scheduled time, just so that I can go home early to study. I have finally found the motivation to complete all assigned work before the day ends, just so I’ll have the time to browse through my notes. And– this is the most important thing I’m denying myself– I have finally found the willpower not to succumb to the Internet’s powerful persuasion, just so that I’ll be able to pass this freaking exam.

Hope, I must– there’s still a way
If I get some extra time to play
As of date, I find no space
Time is such a tiring chase
Until the next time that we meet
Signing out, it’s been a treat.


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Breaking Ground

I’m still at the initial stages in developing my website, but I’m glad and excited by what’s up right now. WordPress is an excellent site, perhaps even better than Blogger, especially when it comes to the ease by which I publish my posts and design my site. The only unfortunate thing right now is that WordPress doesn’t allow a lot of 3rd-party HTMLs. This makes it hard impossible for me to place a cbox in the sidebar for visitors to chat on. Meebo, the IM-like alternative to chatboxes, seems to delete messages when you refresh the page. That just won’t do at all.

But despite that little obstacle, everything’s clean and fresh, just the way I like it. In the next few days, I’m going to create more Categories, more Pages for my Resto Hop, Movie, and TV show commentaries, and maybe a Blog Roll once I’ve advertised this blog enough for people to see. 

I haven’t officially broken ground yet, but it will come soon enough. Check me out.

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A New Heaven

At every new phase, a new look.

With every new look, a new high.

For every new high, a new heaven.


Welcome to my latest home.

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