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Circus Life

…Ateneans are the HARDEST to date — pero kapag nagustuhan ka nyan, sobrang worth all the hassle. 🙂

– Milan of Circus Life

(Never have read something so real and so fresh and so open and so eloquently written all at the same time. And not just because of the above-mentioned quote.)



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Yearend Series 2008: These Are A Few of My Favorite Things (II)

On to the second part of the Awards! It’s time to take a look at the favorite things that defined my lifestyle:

Favorite Restaurant, Prices Within Reach

The nominees are:

Bacolod Chicken Inasal

Mang Inasal

And the Favorite Thing Award goes to:


Mang Inasal

I’m a sucker for inasal. Mang Inasal’s chicken is especially special because the ones they serve are moist, huge, and coated with the most delicious sauce. The price is also quite affordable given the taste and the proportion of the meat.

Ma’am… Sir… EXTRA RICE?

Favorite Restaurant, Prices Beyond Reason

The nominees are:

Chateau, Greenbelt 5
Fish and Co., Greenbelt 3
FlapJacks, Greenbelt 2
Foccacia, A.Venue
Heaven and Eggs [not H&E], Glorietta 4
La Piadina, Glorietta Food Choices
Pepato, Greenbelt 2
The Old Spaghetti House, Katipunan
The Taipan, Philamlife Tower
Zong, The Fort

And the Favorite Thing Award goes to:


Greenbelt 2

When you get served an amuse bouche for the first time, it’s bound to be a treat. When you’re offered freshly squeezed oranges displayed by the window, it’s bound to be a perfect meal. And Pepato was all that and more. Great service, wonderful ambiance, and most important of all, delicious, well-cooked food. I’m eagerly anticipating a repeat.

Favorite Dish

The nominees are:

No need for nominees, this one’s easy. No matter what the restaurant, the Favorite Thing Award goes to:


Seafood Marinara

You know that question, “If you’re stuck in an island, and there’s only one dish you can eat for the rest of your life, what would you eat and why?” This dish is my answer. And I could just get the ingredients right there, just beneath the ocean.

Favorite Drink, Caffeinated

The nominees are:

Caffe Mocha, Starbucks
Caffe Mocha with Hazelnut, Starbucks
Passion Iced Tea, Starbucks
Signature Hot Chocolate, Starbucks
White Chocolate Mocha, Starbucks

The Favorite Thing Award goes to:

Caffe Mocha

It’s quite obvious from the list that I’m a certified Starbucks boy. I was able to complete the sticker thingie last year twice. Given that, I’m also pretty much loyal to one drink: Caffe Mocha. It has the right blend of bitterness and sweetness, it’s not too cloying on the throat, and gives me the necessary jolt that I need. I used to be a White Chocolate Mocha boy, but that was a tad too sweet for me.

As for my favorite non-caffeinated drink:


Calamansi Juice

I love sour, refreshing drinks, and this one fits the bill quite nicely.

Favorite Study Place

The nominees are:

Starbucks 6750
Starbucks Powerplant Mall
Starbucks Rockwell (Jungle)
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Makati Avenue
Seattle’s Best Coffee, Katipunan Avenue

The Favorite Thing Award goes to:


Starbucks Rockwell (Jungle)

It doesn’t meet all the requirements I have in choosing a perfect coffee shop for studying, but it does hold a special place in my heart. Sometimes, good memories override any kind of objectivity. Sometimes, emotions trump the mind. (But that’s just waaaaayyy too serious for this post.)


That’s it, folks! You just happened to view the little things that made my 2008 a happier year to be in. Some of these may change, some may not, but we’ll never know until the end of this year. So stay tuned, kiddos, and watch out for the next Annual These-Are-A-Few-Of-My-Favorite-Things Awards!

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100 Words

heaven + ground + storm + archuleta + happening + rejection + pasok + flapjacks + forgotten + incredible + california + hermit + games + good + journey + taipan + cows + single + knight + kaban + sunday + boob + four + wall + aisle + august + tomb + chris + iphone + entry + history + sassy + wall-e + birthday + way + breakfast + clone + sumosam + study + darkness + competition + poem + jacques + death + coffee + eavesdropping + contented + corollary + catch + atenista + eagle + embers + other + recovery + melancholia + retreat + one + sidebar + thunder + q + hush + coat + waltz + letters + exam + know + family + musical + incomprehensible + leche + minutes + comeback + comeback + universe + blast + joke + brothers + yearend + series + 2008 + 2009 + goodbye + forgotten + sing + united + nations + avenue + honeymoon + american + hopeless + rest + idol + night + honors + honesty + hot + half-empty + hee + hope + 100 =

100 posts in 100 words.

I’ve gone a long way, and there’s no sign of stopping.

I will never tire of writing.

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In Need of a Retreat

I stopped going to church when I brokered a deal with God and got the short end of the stick. Letting go was an easy decision to make; I’ve always thought that I’m forcing myself to appear at a celebration that provided me with little personal growth. Besides, there is little reason to believe that people think differently. When I look around the church, I find people who silently share the same question in my mind: “Why bother?” I see it in the way they bow down and text between their knees; I see it in the way they refuse to get front-row seats and opt to stand by the exit, instead; I see it in the children’s cries of agony.

Inspiration, much less spiritual conversion, is hard to come by when events happen in routine. Even the devotees and the believers find understanding in solace, in isolation, in the privacy of their own prayers. There is little room for personalized spiritual thinking in utterances made a thousand times. How do you find the answers for the relentless questions in your head with messages that are addressed to all of mankind? How do you expect to find your spirituality when you’re only one of many?

Those who text, those who position themselves for a convenient exit, and those children might not even think of these musings anymore. They are bound by tradition, bound by a misplaced concept of faith, and bound by the promise of a delicious lunch after in the nearby mall. The concept of personal salvation within the context of an organized mass celebration is lost on them.

The sad truth is, it might also be lost on me.

A part of me wishes that I were that guy once again. The guy who read books on the Vatican and on priesthood because he felt a certain calling during his first year in college. The same guy who, despite being grumpy at being awakened at 5 AM on weekends, found peace in 6 AM masses as a sacristan. The very same guy who once wanted to read the Bible from start to finish because it beats the best epics ever created. Yes, that guy. The guy who once truly believed. 

I don’t know what happened to that guy anymore, but I might have seen a glimpse of him again this week. It’s funny how that happens– how he appears at moments of melancholia, at times of weakness. It almost seems like a revelation of hope, an affirmation of a certain good that resides within me. I miss him, and I think he misses me, too.

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Of Embers and Mud

While I was walking along the stretch of Father Masterson Drive, I sent a short twit to my Twitter gateway. I wrote: “Ateneo is love.” And I meant it. It amazes me that I’ve written about my alma mater only once during my entire stay here in WordPress, considering how well-documented my love for her was in my other blogs, but then I realized that I never really got to visit my school since my last exam. “Time to change all that,” I thought to myself as I continued my leisurely walk. As Ateneo’s fresh air filled my wanting lungs, I became more and more convinced that I was going to write something about the Bonfire Event that very night.

Come Wednesday morning, and there was no blog entry in sight.

Things Kerwin did not see during the Bonfire Event: 

1. The bonfire.
2. The event. 

In fact, I wasn’t even home by the time Tuesday night ended. It was then impossible for me to write an entry about it when I was still immersed in my renewed appreciation of, not Ateneo, as I initially expected, but my friends.

Seeing close friends for the first time since forever is always an affirmation (or a test) of your closeness. I’ve always believed that your closest friends are those who are able to shrink the passage of time. An absence of one day, six months, ten years? Should not matter. Once you meet, you talk as though you’ve just met each other the day before. Only this time, the conversations are understandably longer, and the dialogues more intense. There should be no awkward silences, like you’re going on a first date; there should be no dangerous foreign ground to cover; there should be no topics too taboo to discuss.

Joey, thanks for treading the mud with me. I think we have a vacation destination in mind. I hear Siam– sorry, Thailand– is beautiful this time of the year. And maybe not as muddy as the Bel Field.

Alfie, Pancho, and Tristan, it was great reliving the old dorm ways in the new dorm. I miss Room 207 already.

Jack, really great to see you. It’s been too long. We should never extend these absences to longer than a month. Stalker-ish or freaky as this may sound, I want to know everything that’s going on in your life. Haha.

Between the controversial embers and the quicksand mud, I found warmth in the company of friends, both old and new; I found myself sucked into their stories of new adventures, and immobilized by laughter in our reminiscing of old ones; and I found myself ablaze with the vigor (and stubbornness) of a college boy at his peak. 

Needless to say, I’m glad I came.

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Ang Sarap Maging Atenista

Photo courtesy of

Win or lose, it’s the school we choose.

And this time, it’s win.

Congratulations, Ateneo Blue Eagles!

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