The Sunbaked King

Circus Life

…Ateneans are the HARDEST to date — pero kapag nagustuhan ka nyan, sobrang worth all the hassle. 🙂

– Milan of Circus Life

(Never have read something so real and so fresh and so open and so eloquently written all at the same time. And not just because of the above-mentioned quote.)



Filed under: Being Blue, Vanity

6 Responses

  1. White says:

    How come? 🙂

  2. N says:

    Well, I never dated an Atenean for long. But I sure have hella lot of Atenean friends. And Milan’s right. Once you get pass the “my school is better than yours” phase, Ateneans can be your great friends. As for me, they complement my sarcastic outlook in life. Right, Kerwin?

  3. N says:

    Re: Twit on HP6 – you’re just anticipating the huge fight scenes. You’ll get that on the 7th! It’s damn good for me. So tender. And the lighting, score and the adult actors are perfect. =)

  4. N says:

    Apparently, I”m the only one who likes HP6. <— Wrong.

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