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What’s Hot or What’s Not: American Idol, Top 4

Matt Giraud got booted out ahead of Allison Iraheta, which is sad, but not as sad as I thought it would be. Down to the wire with four on the line, and it’s Rock Night! And as another way of providing awesome entertainment (or simply just become “unpredictable”), the producers have provided us with a little twist: duets. Now my EXCEL program is well-prepared for a double-song night, but it didn’t quite expect this one. So what I’ll do is to grade the individuals in each duet separately, as though they had sung the song alone. Their two performances will then be averaged to get the final ranks and percentages.

Enough with the formula stuff. Let’s begin!

Top 4
Rock Night

4 Danny Gokey. Dream On/Renegade. Vocals: 4th/1st + Appeal: 3rd/2nd + Bias: 3rd/3rd = 78.63%. Peak Position: 1st. Average Ranking: 2.8.

INDIVIDUAL: O. M. G. That was shocking. Randy, A+? Really?! I give him an F for that valiant effort! That last note was an EPIC FAIL. While some parts of the song worked, most of it didn’t. There are only two words for Danny after that performance: “Dream on.”

DUET WITH KRIS: Well, in opposition to my comments for Kris, Danny sang “worse” than Kris did tonight. He should have brought more of the growl that I missed and saw last week. However, another decent attempt.

3 Allison Iraheta. Cry Baby/Slow LoveVocals: 2nd/4th + Appeal: 4th/4th + Bias: 4th/4th = 82.63%. Peak Position: 4th. Average Ranking: 6.4.

INDIVIDUAL: It was bit of a bore. And she looked like a rock-and-roll edition of the Troll. A dangerous, feisty, red-haired Troll.

DUET WITH ADAM: They may actually be right about this one: Adam may have given Allison a shot at the final 3.

2 Kris Allen. Come Together/Renegade. Vocals: 2nd/1st + Appeal: 2nd/1st + Bias: 2nd/1st = 87.00%. Peak Position: 1st. Average Ranking: 2.4.

INDIVIDUAL: Kris lacked that “rock” edge in his voice, which is kinda weird given that I saw it in his “Renegade” performance with Danny. “Come Together” is a song that’s been sung so many times in this show, sometimes more than twice in a season, and Kris’s rendition, while vocally proficient and full-sounding, lacked oomph. It’s not his genre.

DUET WITH DANNY: Better vocals compared to Danny, which is both surprising and unsurprising. Surprising because he’s the king of easy listening and heartfelt ballads; unsurprising because he sang with Danny Gokey, who’s nothing but all about being God-sent. In any case, he did well with that performance.

1 Adam Lambert. Whole Lotta Love/Slow Love. Vocals: 1st/1st + Appeal: 1st/2nd+ Bias: 1st/2nd = 90.50%. Peak Position: 1st. Average Ranking: 2.

INDIVIDUAL: What a way to start the show! That was awesome, awesome in supremely metallic italics. I was asking for something more from Adam last week, and he served it to me big time. The shrieking, which was reason for some concern (some in little italics), shone absolutely perfectly tonight. Adam really kicked ass. Rock God? That maybe a stretch, but not so much. I’m not really a fan of rock, and he, all connotations intended, made me a believer.

DUET WITH ALLISON: It just oozes out of him naturally, doesn’t it? Great performance, and a fantastic duet with Allison. They played off each other’s energy, and they sounded great.


This night really played to Adam’s strengths, so it’s no wonder everyone deems him safe. He won’t be going anywhere tonight.

I hope Allison goes home tomorrow.


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