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What’s Hot and What’s Not: American Idol, Top 5

So we’re down to five. And this maybe the best bunch of five we’ve ever had! Let’s see:

Season 1 – Kelly, Justin, Nikki, Tamyra, RJ (Didn’t watch that season, but from what I’ve heard, Tamyra has that big-voiced black diva sound that I do not like; Justin’s a loser, and Nikki should have gone before Tamyra. Plus RJ looks weird. So that’s 1/5.)

Season 2 – Ruben, Clay, Kimberley, Josh, Trenyce (Not a fan of Ruben, Kimberley, Josh, or Trenyce. I don’t think Ruben’s a velvety teddy bear. So that’s 1/5.)

Season 3 – Fantasia, Diana, Jasmine, LaToya, George (Worst season yet ever in the existence of American Idol. HATE. 0/5.)

Season 4 – Carrie, Bo, Vonzell, Anthony, Scott (Carrie’s awesome, Bo’s cool, Anthony’s like, my best friend. Scott is just yakkee. 3/5.)

Season 5 – Taylor, Katharine, Elliott, Chris, Paris (Taylor’s just blah, and during that time, I hated Katharine McPhee with the passion of ten thousand burning suns. You robbed Elliott, you bitch! Hahaha. 3/5.)

Season 6 – Jordin, Blake, Melinda, LaKisha, Chris, Phil [They eliminated Chris and Phil on the same week.] (Again, not a fan of big-voiced black girls, so that cancels out Melinda and LaKisha. Not a fan of Phil Stacey, either, because he’s just smarmy as hell. This season has my favorite contestant of all time, though, but he’s just one soul. So… 2/6.)

Season 7 – Cookie, Archie, Syesha, Jason, Brooke (Hmm… I rooted for Brooke at some point, and when she got eliminated, I started rooting for Syesha. During the season, I was very critical of Archie, and Cookie grated on my nerves on some weeks. Of course, the abomination that is Jason kept on surviving week after week, which just annoyed me to no end. I’ll have to give this one 2/5, though. Only the two Davids really stood a chance.)

And what of Season 8’s Top 5? See comments below.

Top 5
Songs from the Rat Pack

5 Matt Giraud. My Funny Valentine. Vocals: 5th + Appeal: 5th + Bias: 4th = 75.00%. Peak Position: 2nd. Average Ranking: 4.4.

Not impressed. It lacked oomph, it lacked charisma, it lacked– Kara was right– emotional connection. It’s like he sat there and just sang. I think Simon’s just justifying the judges’ decision to save Matt two weeks back. I think Matt’s going home tomorrow.

4 Allison Iraheta. Someone to Watch Over MeVocals: 4th + Appeal: 4th + Bias: 5th = 78.50%. Peak Position: 4th. Average Ranking: 6.9.

First time (or is it the second time?) that I liked Allison’s performance. Her flat vocals actually didn’t sound that flat, and if it did, it worked for that sultry jazzy feel that was so popular during the Big Band era. Nice job, Allison. I would still want an all-male final four, though, but that’s as fine a way to leave the show as any.

3 Kris Allen. The Way You Look Tonight. Vocals: 3rd + Appeal: 1st + Bias: 1st = 88.50%. Peak Position: 1st. Average Ranking: 2.5.

It had a soft, fantastic, heartfelt start, and a smooth, easy-to-listen finish. However, I didn’t quite like the part where the tempo quickened, because it reduced the laidback effect somewhat. Furthermore: stay away from falsettos, Kris. It was jarring, and marred an otherwise technically proficient performance. BUT. Still good. Kris is consistent, and dark horse is an understatement.

2 Adam Lambert. Feeling Good. Vocals: 2nd + Appeal: 2nd + Bias: 2nd = 89.25%. Peak Position: 1st. Average Ranking: 2.1.

Another lightshow treatment for Monsieur Adam Lambert. Why does the show love bathing him in light? Hee. OMG = that one note held for eternity. Great performance from Adam, per usual. I’m beginning to want something more from him, though. I’m not sure what. Maybe it’s just me asking more from my favorites.

1 Danny Gokey. Come Rain or Come Shine. Vocals: 1st + Appeal: 3rd + Bias: 2nd = 89.75%. Peak Position: 1st. Average Ranking: 2.6.

Katherine McPhee sang this in Season 5, and that was one of the few moments I was impressed with her. (Damn that Somewhere Over the Rainbow performance that took Elliott Yamin out of the competition.) So was I impressed with Danny? I wasn’t. At first. I thought this was going to be right up Gokey’s alley, but the beginning of his performance disappointed me. Bland, boring, benign. But something happened in the middle. Something AWESOME. He just went freaking nuts and went all out with the vocals. Wow! Now this is the Danny I heard in the auditions! That raspy voice, that amazing range! WTG, Danny Gokey!


Overall, a great night. I don’t think I’ve ever been this satisfied for all the performances in general before. Even Matt had his moments, and he wasn’t really truly awful. I have to say, though: third time’s probably not the charm for Mr. Giraud.

But to continue the comparison with other seasons: Adam, Kris, Danny, Allison, Matt. 4/5. Guess who’s the odd (wo)man out! Odd woman out… hmmm… that sounds witty…


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