The Sunbaked King

This Is Why I Love Sunny Weather

I stare out the window from my desk and all I see are nasty clouds. Clouds the color of concrete, and threateningly pregnant with rain. At any time now, the clouds will break forth in messy rainbirth, and wash us innocents with gifts we did not ask for. We could have prepared for such showers had they not come so early into the summer, but they did. It’s a premature delivery, and the skies are laughing at our beach fantasies and boardshort dreams until tears flowed freely from their cumulonimbus eyes.

I understand why some people like this form of precipitation. It does feel good listening to the rain while you’re inside your room, cloaked in comfortable blankets and sipping some hot cup of chicken soup. It does look good from the inside, watching the droplets make their way from the heavens down to the ground, streaking with a purpose we could not see or comprehend. I understand the love for rain, only when you take yourself out of it.

This exclusivity has taken the fun out of everything. How can I enjoy a weather that forces me to stay in in order to enjoy it? Nowadays, everything looks and feels so dreary. The bleak mornings, the cold nights… this is definitely not my kind of weather. 

I just hope it’s a sunny Sunday tomorrow. Those days are best.


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