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A Death by the Diversion Road

My father called me up last Friday and told me, in a sober tone, to check my email. Those who know my father (from this blog or from my stories) would know that Papa has a tendency to shy away from sobriety. It usually takes something very serious (or when he’s scolding me, whichever) to take away the gaiety naturally present in his voice.

I checked the email and found that a serious matter was indeed at hand.


Torney met his painful death las night when he was ran over by a speeding car at the Diversion road. Good it was an instant death; he did not suffer much as he died almost instantly.

The four of us took our car going to Nick’s house where we were invited for dinner. When our car exited from the gate, Ryan freed Torney from his chain as we usually do everytime we leave the house. Unknowingly, Kenneth left the gate open and as soon as Torney was freed, he bolted out from the gate. He ignored Mama’s efforts to lure him back to the house. We decided to leave him outside, thinking that he would just enter the gate after we left. But when we were already at the Diversion Road, we saw Torney running ahead of us and circling our car. We stopped along the shoulder and Ryan tried to catch him. As if to taut us, he kept on running ahead of the car. Then, to our horror, he ran to the highway as soon as the green light was on. Amidst our shouts, a private car hit Torney with the wheels running over Torney. As soon as he was hit, Torney put up a brave fight for his life by running to the side of the road. He slumped lifeless.

Kenneth cried loudly as he was blamed for failing to close the gate as soon as he stepped out. Ning, Ryan and I cried too as Torney has become a part of our family. But there was no need for tears. Torney, as all of us would, has gone back to his Creator. Goodbye, Torney. Thank you for the joy and happiness you brought to our home.


We’ve had four dogs since we transferred to Davao. Torney was the fourth. All of them have, as my father puts it, “gone back to their Creator.” Of all these four losses, I only witnessed one. It was heartbreaking. I don’t know how I could endure a loss that I saw with my very eyes. I’m quite sensitive with these things, and as you may have noticed, my family’s built of the same stuff, as well.

I’ve only seen Torney once, and that was when I went home last December. I’m never going to see him again.

How can pets be the cause of such acute sadness?

? - April 16, 2009
This picture was taken on Christmas Day, 2008. 

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  1. N says:

    I feel your family’s pain. My first dog died in my arms. He waited for me to come home after a two-day vacation. It was so sad.

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