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What’s Hot and What’s Not: American Idol Top 7

Scott. Gone.

Top 7
Songs from the Movies

7 Allison Iraheta. Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing. Vocals: 6th + Appeal: 7th + Bias: 7th = 65.00%. Peak Position: 4th. Average Ranking: 7.3.

Oh. My. God. I hate this song. It’s an overplayed song that’s better left off to suffer in Armageddon. As for Allison’s performance: flat almost all throughout. She had her moments at the beginning, but she suffered from middle to end. *sigh* Okay, time for some further analysis. I can see Kelly Clarkson in Allison. I really do. But Allison feels like Kelly trying to do what she’s doing now eight years ago. She has potential, I don’t doubt that, but she slipped into this “rock” persona too soon.

6 Lil Rounds. The Rose. Vocals: 4th + Appeal: 6th + Bias: 6th = 70.25%. Peak Position: 3rd. Average Ranking: 6.2.

Let’s play a little logic game. Allison is to flat as Lil is to _________. Honestly, I feel a little bit of sympathy for Lil. It’s like she never gets anything right. And she’s tried almost everything! Maybe she should do a Syesha and sex it up a little bit. Do some theatrical singing. Maybe that will shock the judges and make them praise her.

5 Matt Giraud. Have You Ever Loved A Woman. Vocals: 6th + Appeal: 3rd + Bias: 3rd = 73.50%. Peak Position: 2nd. Average Ranking: 4.3.

Oh no. What happened? Overall, it was a decent performance, but “decent” doesn’t cut it at this stage of the competition. And when he hit the chorus and the bridge, the vocals just went EVERYWHERE. That was a big, big mess. On a more positive note, however, his Bryan Adams rendition was better than Anoop’s; those rogue notes just turned me off completely. (I guess that wasn’t that much of a positive note, after all.)

4 Anoop Desai. Everything I Do (I Do It For You). Vocals: 4th + Appeal: 3rd + Bias: 3rd74.75%. Peak Position: 2nd. Average Ranking: 5.7.

Anoop, oh Anoop. I don’t know. It was good, yes. But it felt lacking somewhat. I guess Quentin’s right, it should have been sung with more edge. But the nice thing about Anoop is that he picks songs that I like; he sings them with sincere emotion which I feel; and he’s Anoop. If he goes home, I will feel sad. (Jai Ho? No? Why?)

3 Danny Gokey. Endless Love. Vocals: 2nd + Appeal: 3rd + Bias: 5th = 75.00%. Peak Position: 1st. Average Ranking: 2.8.

My love for Danny is waning. The first time I heard him during the auditions, I was like, “Wow. That’s my bet for American Idol.” But DannyDeadWife got in the way, the know-I’m-safe smirks came after, and most important, the “feel good” songs just kept on piling, one after the other. One more inspirational song, and I’m off the Danny train. Sad. I used to have a ride-all-you-can pass on that thing before.

2 Kris Allen. Falling Slowly. Vocals: 2nd + Appeal: 1st + Bias: 2nd = 82.50%. Peak Position: 1st. Average Ranking: 2.7.

Before anything else, Quentin Tarantino is so hyper! Before anything else again, Kris should shave that mustache! Before ending this comment, I think it’s time to praise Kris! Praise.

1 Adam Lambert. Born to be Wild. Vocals: 1st + Appeal: 1st + Bias: 1st = 88.50%. Peak Position: 1st. Average Ranking: 2.2.



Now that Scott’s gone, all the cannon fodder are gone. Wee! Everyone’s got a chance of surprising us. Furthermore, the judges will have to use their save sooner or later. Only two more performances before Top 5, and if they want to make The Judges’ Save a significant part of the show, they have to use it. If not tomorrow, the week after.

What will Adam do next? 🙂


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11 Responses

  1. Jacques says:

    Hoy, ang biased mo! 😛 Kris Allen shouldn’t be at 2 noh! Anoop was better than him.

  2. M says:

    Personal bias aside, last night on Idol:

    Kris Allen > (Lambert+DeadWife+Giraud+Iraheta+Rounds+Desai)^2.


  3. N says:

    Shet! Nagalingan ako kay Kris. I love him now.

    What happened to Gokey? He has become irrelevant.

  4. N says:


    Adam Lambert will be Spiderman on Broadway. AI is his audition platform! But he’s not born to be wild. I hope the lights will go down on him. hehe

    BTW Ker, Matt Giraud sang Bryan Adam’s Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? and not When A Man Loves A Woman. lols.

  5. kerwinray says:

    @Jacques: Sorry, Jacko-pal, mas magaling si Kris kay Anoop. Di lang bias yan. Hahaha.

    @M: Nice equation, Mak! Melovesit.

    @N: Yes, just one more song. One more song to convince me that he’s not the Idol I once thought Danny to be.

    @N, part deux: Yes, Kris spells awesome. =)

    Good catch, N! Maybe that’s why Matt got almost eliminated. I got his song wrong. Hehe.

    Adam Lambert, theater or not, whatever his post-career outcome may be, will win American Idol. I am a reality show fan first and foremost; following Idols’ careers after they win is merely secondary. If Adam wins, then my heart is happy. Hehe.

  6. M says:

    @N: I like the word irrelevant, especially on DeadWifeGokey. 🙂

  7. tristanity says:

    wanna know how many people are left? just check out iraheta’s appeal standing. 7th? so top 7 na.

    good call on the use of the save, ker! yabang.

  8. N says:

    Very good use of save, indeed. Disco week next. I can’t wait.

  9. kerwinray says:

    @M: Hay Gokey.

    @Tristan: Hahaha. Not really, either this week or next week lang naman talaga e. 🙂

    @N: I wouldn’t have saved Matt based on the performance, but I would have saved him relative to the others who were with him in the Bottom 3, and based on his performances and potential as a whole.

  10. yoshke says:

    Adam is truly talented but I don’t like his voice especially when it goes higher. Haha. His isn’t really the type that I would listen to with my player. Ehehehe.

    I like Matt, Alison and Kris. Ehehehe.

  11. kerwinray says:

    Yoshke, I like Adam as a performer, but I do find some other contestants’ vocals more to my liking, generally. 🙂 In a stage, though, and through the TV, the shrieking sounds… good. Haha. 🙂

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