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What’s Hot and What’s Not: American Idol Top 9

Michael Sarver, that nice oil drill guy from Jasper, Texas, got sent home. It might be justice to a lot of people, but not to me. Michael Sarver over Scott “3-Mice” MacI– I even forgot his name, I’ll try to remember it later on. Really? Anyway, enough blabbering about the past, past is past and present is present, and present says we’re down to 9. Will Adam blow everyone out of the water again? Will Danny continue his sad descent into obscuredom, while Kris continues his rise to superstardom? Is Scott ever going to wear shades?

Top 9
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9 Scott MacIntyre. Just the Way You Are. Vocals: 8th + Appeal: 9th + Bias: 9th = 42.00%. Peak Position: 9th. Average Ranking: 10.5.

Yuck. Absolute bullshit from the judges. And: EYES.

8 Megan Joy Corkrey. Turn Your Lights Down Low. Vocals: 9th + Appeal: 6th + Bias: 5th = 57.50%. Peak Position: 5th. Average Ranking: 8.25.

Don’t know what to make of it, dawg. There was the bleating part, like she was a sheep in pain, but there was a bit of sultriness to it. Maybe she was channeling a sultry sheep in pain. Hmmm… that was perhaps the point? Objectivity aside, I’m liking Megan more and more each week. Sad her. Megan should not go before Scott, NO NO NO NO WAY!

7 Lil Rounds. Surrender. Vocals: 6th + Appeal: 8th + Bias: 7th = 62.25%. Peak Position: 5th. Average Ranking: 7.

I really, really, REALLY wished she sang Beyonce. If she did, this would have sustained my interest after the first line that she sang. SNOOZE.

6 Allison Iraheta. Don’t Speak. Vocals: 5th + Appeal: 6th + Bias: 8th = 66.00%. Peak Position: 4th. Average Ranking: 7.5.

It almost worked… almost. But then the lights went on, the guitar was left to the side, and the performance became a piss-poor imitation of No Doubt‘s version. BOO! And two things not related to the performance: 1) she looks like one of those popular toy Trolls (TM A Friend Of Mine Who I’m Forgetting Right Now, Sorry); 2) she said she grew up listening to this song– but I was 12 when this became popular, which means she was… compute, compute… 4 when this became a hit. EPIC FAIL! n00B. (Or maybe I misinterpreted and I’m the n00b.)

5 Anoop Desai. Caught Up. Vocals: 6th + Appeal: 4th + Bias: 4th = 70.75%. Peak Position: 2nd. Average Ranking: 6.

That was some shitty arrangement. I don’t know if it was totally Anoop’s fault that his performance bombed. The background beat was, like, WTF? Poor Anoop-dog. If this was recorded in a studio, this would have FLOWN, dawg!

4 Matt Giraud. You Found Me. Vocals: 4th + Appeal: 5th + Bias: 5th = 73.25%. Peak Position: 3rd. Average Ranking: 4.75.

Is it weird to say that Matt Giraud reminds me of Paris Bennett in Season 5? I bet you don’t even remember her. She was this little black girl that had the ability to change her voice in so many ways– a chameleon, in other words. Matt’s like that. Justin Timberlake one week, Jason Mraz the next, The Fray during another. I actually liked it.

3 Kris Allen. Ain’t No Sunshine. Vocals: 2nd + Appeal: 1st + Bias: 2nd = 84.50%. Peak Position: 1st. Average Ranking: 2.5.

This was a tough decision. My Top Three are very, very clear, and perhaps my number one is slightly ahead of the other two in some ways. But between Adam and Kris? Muy dificil. But with a margin of of 25 basis points, I have to give this one to Adam. Kris tried to create a moment, but I don’t think it reached that far. But it was very, very good, and it gives me hope that the Final Two are not as clear-cut as I once thought it was.

2 Adam Lambert. Play That Funky Music. Vocals: 2nd + Appeal: 2nd + Bias: 1st = 84.75%. Peak Position: 1st. Average Ranking: 2.75.

It was no Tracks of My Tears, but Adam did his THANG DUDEPARECHONG. And Adam doing his thing is always a good thing. I’m also feeling the hair brushup or whatever that thing’s called. Dude has a pretty face and must not hide it behind layers of emo hair. Play that funky music, white boy! Play that funky music!

1 Danny Gokey. What Hurts The Most. Vocals: 1st + Appeal: 3rd + Bias: 2nd = 86.00%. Peak Position: 1st. Average Ranking: 2.25.

Wow. Those were superb vocals– clear and piercing and powerful. I thought Danny was totally in his element tonight. I felt goosebumps run over me– it’s been some time since I got that feeling from my original American Idol bet. The performance was not enough to dethrone Adam Lambert, but I finally see the contender in Danny. Again.


It’s good to see Danny return to some fantastic form, and hurray for Kris for being consistently good. Boo to Allison for failing, and boo to Scott for trying to be contemporary. Clothes do not make the American Idol, unless you’re wearing shades. Scott go home!


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4 Responses

  1. tristan says:

    A Friend Of Mine Who I’m Forgetting Right Now — powtek, ker. ako yun! haha…

    gokey: props for bringing the emotion to ‘whtm’. lil: don’t tempt fate again by singing a “exitty”-titled song! megan: sleeves lagi! scott: your best performance but law of relativity applies.

  2. kerwinray says:

    Ay sorry Tris, ikaw nga! I knew I got it from somewhere! 🙂

  3. White says:

    Megan went home. Sad.

  4. kerwinray says:

    Sad. I was liking her pa naman.

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