The Sunbaked King


I’m in Starbucks in Rockwell right now, shirking (TM Extreme Usage Diana). After a sumptuous chicken parmegiana dinner in Grams, I immediately headed out to this coffeehouse next door to study, but as usual, the drive isn’t there. Other times I would have chalked it to the fact that I’m sleepy, but I already slept for more than 10 hours today. Hmmm… maybe I overslept. That’s a convenient excuse.

But that’s not why I’m blogging. I’m writing because I’ve noticed something peculiar about Starbucks tonight. It’s such an oddity that I have to check and double-check my glasses to make sure that I’m seeing what I’m seeing. Something must be wrong with them. This couldn’t be happening, not in this Starbucks of all places. But I couldn’t deny it. It is true. It is real.

Starbucks is almost empty on a Saturday evening.

Aside from a few spattering of humanoids here and there, the place pretty much feels like a lounge that time forgot. Add to that the yellow lights and the jazz music, and one would expect to see a lonely guy sitting at a corner, drinking a beer in peace. But that’s actually fitting: this is a place for lonely hearts. Take that statement as you will. I will not react.

In exactly 31 minutes, lights will go out for Earth Hour. Maybe I will scream. That should take out the monotony.


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8 Responses

  1. jbinx says:

    The best thing after the event tonight is the “turning on the light” ceremony after that 60 minutes of darkness. It symbolizes change, hope and a new beginning..

    Hope you realize that after that 60 minutes of loneliness and emptiness…hours and days of happy moments will come..Soon.

    Smile πŸ™‚

  2. ryce says:

    hahaha hindi ka talaga magrereak?? hmmm sana talagang brinownout nalang nila buong pilipinas nyahaha angsaya siguro nun…

  3. MakMak says:

    @ryce dude: Since when are brownouts fun? It’s summer, you know, hot? ;p

  4. kerwinray says:

    @Ryce and MakMak: It’s early in the morning, you kids. Go back to sleep and drink your OJ. Hihi.

    Yaya, where’s the toast?!

  5. ryce says:

    @ Mak: hahaha kelangan me dude talaga?? ay honga masyado akong nadala ng earth hour nakalimutan kong nasa pilipinas pala tayu hehehe sorry naman… at i could think of a couple of things that are fun to do with lights off… teehee…

  6. kerwinray says:

    Ryce, landi mo. Haha.

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