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What’s Hot and What’s Not: American Idol Top 10

Last week, Alexis got booted out to the shock of those who knew Scott MacIntyre should have gone home. Which is probably just me. But anyway, “fixed top four” rumors can no longer be true, which is probably a relief. Let’s get it on!

Top 10
Motown Night

10 Scott MacIntyre. You Can’t Hurry Love. Vocals: 10th + Appeal: 5th + Bias: 10th = 43.50%. Peak Position: 10th. Average Ranking: 11.


9 Megan Joy Corkrey. For Once In My Life. Vocals: 9th + Appeal: 10th + Bias: 4th = 61.50%. Peak Position: 5th. Average Ranking: 8.33.

Oh, Megan Joy Corkrey. Last week was a fluke, after all. But I don’t hate you as much now. While we’re on good terms, I think this is the best time for us to part ways. (And I have to say, barring the tattoo, you are really pretty.)

8 Anoop Desai. Ooh Baby Baby. Vocals: 8th + Appeal: 5th + Bias: 5th = 66.75%. Peak Position: 2nd. Average Ranking: 6.33.

When I first read that Anoop would be singing Ooh Baby Baby, the first thought that entered my head: OOH! BRITNEY! Imagine my disappointment. It just fueled my dislike of Motown night more. (Sneaky little thing dangling that song title in my mind…) As for Anoop? I think he would have kept me awake if he sang Britney’s song. It was ONE BIG BORE.

7 Lil Rounds. Heatwave. Vocals: 7th + Appeal: 8th + Bias: 8th = 68.75%. Peak Position: 5th. Average Ranking: 7.

In Season 2, Kimberly Locke sang this during the Top 12 performances, and she hit the seal. She didn’t get eliminated, but instead went all the way to Top 3, where she was beaten by Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard. But that night was a wake-up call for her; I don’t think she hit bottom 2 any time after that. I think that the same thing might happen with Lil. Interesting thing: for the first time in this entire season, I found myself invested a little– A LITTLE– in her.

6 Michael Sarver. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg. Vocals: 6th + Appeal: 9th + Bias: 6th = 69.75%. Peak Position: 6th. Average Ranking: 6.33.

Is it just me, or is Michael Sarver getting younger? Even his voice in his interviews sounds like he’s in teens. Maybe it’s just me. In any case, I thought his vocals were really strong, but he just lacked the presence and the power to back it up. I guess it’s getting obvious that I find Michael endearing; I wouldn’t be sad if he left, but that’s one hell of a sincere guy.

5 Matt Giraud. Let’s Get It On. Vocals: 4th + Appeal: 5th + Bias: 6th = 73.75%. Peak Position: 3rd. Average Ranking: 5.

Maybe I’m just sleepy, but I’ll try to do this objectively: great shifts in pitch, the falsetto is something that he can pull off successfully, and he has pipes that rank at the upper half of the bunch. Whew. Now let my sleepy self talk: Motown songs are a bore, and I’m faulting Matt for not making it more interesting.

4 Allison Iraheta. Papa Was A Rolling Stone. Vocals: 4th + Appeal: 4th + Bias: 9th = 74.25%. Peak Position: 4th. Average Ranking: 8.

Perhaps her best performance to date. But after Adam’s performance, everyone else is in deep shit.

3 Danny Gokey. Get Ready. Vocals: 3rd + Appeal: 3rd + Bias: 3rd = 80.50%. Peak Position: 1st. Average Ranking: 2.67.

After Adam’s performance, nothing can be better. Not even Danny.

2 Kris Allen. How Sweet It Is. Vocals: 2nd + Appeal: 2nd + Bias: 2nd = 83.50%. Peak Position: 1st. Average Ranking: 2.33.

Ever since Oz sang this in the original American Pie movie, I have fallen in love with the song’s cutesy melody and beat. The song’s simplicity is its gift; there’s nothing you can do to screw it up. Kris didn’t screw it up–in fact he delivered– but in some small insignificant irrelevant way, I thought that the song choice wasn’t really that challenging to begin with. It’s like Kris knew it was a cutesy song, and for him to sing it– all the fans would swoon.

1 Adam Lambert. Tracks of My Tears. Vocals: 1st + Appeal: 1st + Bias: 1st = 90.50%. Peak Position: 1st. Average Ranking: 3.

That was perfection. No Egyptian rhythms, no weirdness, just plain old good singing. And from Adam, a moment of tenderness. Love. There is only love. And there is no doubt now who I want to win this entire thing. I’m sure Adam the rocker diva will emerge again next week, but this performance will always serve as a reminder that he once sang beautifully– without makeup, without nail polish, without facade– and that he can do so again.


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Adam, FTW! Scott, for the boot!


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19 Responses

  1. MakMak says:

    Seriously, you didn’t see how Lambert’s make up?

  2. MakMak says:

    *drop how. sorry. 🙂

  3. kerwinray says:

    Hihi. Consider it a figurative thing. 🙂

  4. N says:

    Love Lambert! Nakaka-goosebumps. Love the acoustic setup as well, parang naghahang-out lang. Effortless.

    • kerwinray says:

      I’ll play the devil’s advocate. The acoustic set-up actually made it easier for Adam to create a “moment.” It’s like Katherine McPhee’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in Season 5. It’s magical because it was set up to be magical.

  5. N says:

    After Adam’s performance, nothing can be better. Not even Danny

    Very true.

  6. ryce says:

    hahaha galit talaga si mak ke lambert… anggaling kaya niya kagabi… at sana matangal na talaga si scott

  7. MakMak says:

    Earlier, I was about to tell you that I find my great dislike for Lambert similar to how I felt about McPhee a few seasons back. It is without doubt that he’s talented. But he’s trying too hard to win this.

    And no, I’m not made of stone. Hahaha. 😛 I can still be moved. Kris Allen and Joe Jonas did.

    • kerwinray says:

      Haha. We agree with McPhee, but we will have to agree to disagree with Lambert. 🙂

      I take back the stonehearted comment. Maybe Lambert’s foundation was too thick and he just wasn’t able to penetrate to you. 🙂

  8. MakMak says:

    Let’s just agree to have the blind guy off the show. 🙂

  9. Joe says:

    they saved the best three for last — Adam, Danny and Allison, all in a row, nice

  10. kerwinray says:

    Actually, you can argue that they saved the best 4 for last. Haha.

  11. White says:

    Kris Allen FTW! He’s real.

    I admired how Adam made a “moment” out of his performance. It’s about theater. And you can bet that with every Lambert performance until the Final 2. And his change of appearance is just about one of those costume changes for another scene in a musical play.

  12. tristan says:

    adam lambert is polarizing. it’s not that i don’t like him and his screechy singing style, i hate it. but those who appreciate it love him. i’ve yet to meet someone who thinks he’s just “ok”.

    matt: quit trying to look like timberlake. allison: pinaglihi sa troll (the toys), no offense. megan joy: wear sleeves.

    ai voters: not voting for the blind guy doesn’t make you a bad person.

  13. kerwinray says:

    Tris, haloo! I agree with everything you said! Perfection. Hahaha.

    Tristan!!! Naexcite ako sa sinabi mo. Allison = Troll!!! Yes, exactly! The nose, the hair, perfect!

    Yes, Adam Lambert is polarizing. Hate him or love him. You cannot be in the middle ground with this guy.

    Anywho, word on your entire post.

  14. kerwinray says:

    White, he’s all in it for show, and I think I paid a lot for that show. Haha. 🙂

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