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What’s Hot and What’s Not: The Rest of Them

You know the show The Soup? A witty guy named Joel McHale hosts it, and I just love that show. [The Soup: 5 stars]. In any case, The Soup basically lines up the most noteworthy things that happened during the week in TV and comments on them. It’s like E! without the pretense of presenting gossip as journalistic news. [E!: 1 star]. What I’m going to do is to comment on the shows that I download and watch each week. Just my opinion, so definitely your mileage may vary. I’m no Joel McHale, but at least I’m not going to end up like Jimmy Fallon on his first days as Late Night host. EPIC FAIL! (Just kidding. I haven’t watched Jimmy Fallon’s show, and I don’t download late night TV episodes. That’s going to take up the entirety of my 320 GB Maxtor EHD. Besides, I have already made up my mind that Conan O’ Brien is still the best thing that’s happened to late night TV.)

Let the pop references– and the spoilers, too, if you haven’t watched the latest fresh US episodes– rain forth! For emphasis: SPOILERS AHEAD! SPOILERS AHEAD! SPOILERS AHEAD!

American Idol, Season 8

ai8_kris_allen Let’s begin with the most popular, and the one everyone’s most likely to have watched: American Idol. I’ve recapped my thoughts on the performances here, so you can browse through those, and in the process see a massive dose of bias for Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert, and Kris Allen. Those three aren’t going anywhere.

But enough of those fabulous people, let’s talk about THE TWIST for just a second. Is it hot or not? It’s definitely a HOT for me. While the choice of Chris Daughtry and Tamayra Gray are laughable (they got booted fourth, people, so they won’t really be saved by the Judges’ Save), it’s an interesting twist that brings something new to the table. Some people may dismiss it as a way to save the judges’ crowned ones, but they are crowned ones for a reason– they’re going to get a lot of votes. Complacency happens almost rarely before Top 5. So I think the judges are going to use it for someone other than the crowned ones. I have a feeling it might be used for Allison Iraheta.

A shameful confession: I want Scott MacIntyre to get booted next. I’m not mad that he’s still there– in fact, I like this season’s contestants– I just find him disorienting. But as of now, Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez will have to do.  [American Idol: 4 stars]

America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 12

antmThe usual band of suspects are back, and Tyra Banks is the goddess, the beacon of light, to lead them all to the path of model insignificance. It’s Episode 2 and the bitches are getting their hair done! Yes, Tyra-lovers and Tyra-haters, it’s makeover time! It’s probably not going to matter since they’re all going to have their hair redone each photo shoot they take, but whatever, right? It’s a Tyracracy, and Ms. Jay and Mr. Jay will ensure that you all bow down to Tyra’s will– the Ms with his skinny chocolate legs, and the Mr with his electrifying silver hair. Be very scared.

Honestly, ANTM is still fascinating, but it’s also getting a little tired. Wannabe models bitching at each other, crying over hair being cut, Tyra telling us to look fierce and smiling with our eyes– been there, done that. Perhaps this is the reason why they decided to shake things up next season and looking for models that are 5’7 and below. Now, that’s bound to exciting. Eva Pigfords of the world, unite!

As for this season, I’m rooting for London the street preacher cool chick and Celia the modelesque-but-too-old-and-will-probably-be-eliminated-before-the-final-two contestant (who, by the way, reminds me a lot of a less beautiful but funkier Renee in Jaslene‘s cycle). While Jessica reminds me of Vanessa f*ing Abrams (who, interestingly, is played by Jessica Szohr),  I don’t like the burn victim Tahlia more (I don’t like the burn victim story, and I hate how the name is spelled). And for this week’s photo shoot, I thought she deserved to go home more than Fo or Jessica. I know Tahlia won’t win, I just don’t like her around that much. For that: [America’s Next Top Model: 2.5 stars]

P.S. What’s up with the quality of the photos this season? It’s been two weeks already, and they’re showing photos that are terribly blurry and uninspiring. I know some people who could produce better photos than that, Nigel Barker and Tyra.


dollhouse Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is back with a vengeance with this spankin’ brand new series about people who get their minds wiped, imprinted with personalities, and then get sent out to the world with missions embedded in their passive little brains. If you haven’t heard about this yet, better catch up quick. It’s a fantastic series, and yet there are rumors of its cancellation so early in the rankings game. I know you and I can’t pretty much save it by downloading the episodes way after they’re shown in the US, but a little love never hurt!

This week, Echo (played by Eliza Dushku) is a midwife in the opening scenes, and there is no justification to that little part at all. It didn’t progress the episode any, and if it were a commentary, it was done a little too heavy-handedly. Thank goodness the rest of the episode went very, very well. I forgot how some of my favorite Buffy episodes were those that were done with a touch of subtlety in moving the season’s plot along (see Season 5, Glory and the annoying little Key). Joss Whedon is good, and it showed itself gobsmack in the middle of this episode. Echo is implanted with the personality of a kick-ass thief. While in the middle of the mission, she gets a call from her Handler (played by Harry Lennix), and while in the middle of that call (I told you it was gobsmack in the middle), her mind gets wiped. Kick-ass thief persona gone. Echo descends into a hodgepodge of fear and innocence and understanding and it’s really just very brilliant. It forms a whole new facet of how the Actives and the Dollhouse work, and it provides enough story to make you wonder: what else is there?

Note to the reading public, whoever you may be: download Dollhouse. If it doesn’t get you hooked, I don’t know what will. [Dollhouse: 4.5 stars]

As for the rest of the shows I watch and download and get emotional about:

The Amazing Race, Season 14.

the_amazing_raceWell played, Luke the sneaky deaf kid! You probably just Blind U-Turned the toughest competition you’ll ever have in this race out of it. But also: BOO! for taking out the eye candy. You mean and evil child. You deserve whatever cold you get in Siberia next week.

I kid. [The Amazing Race: 4.5 stars]

The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition, Season 2.

the_apprenticeGood for you, Tom Green! I always thought that Scott Hamilton was a non-celeb, and he’s a snooty non-celeb at that. While I do think you were being sneaky too, I would do the same thing just to annoy the hell out of Scott. And who in hell doesn’t use a name starting with a Z to create a mascot for a website called!? EEE?!? Realleee, Scott?

Good call on this one, Mr. Trump. [The Apprentice: 3.5 stars]

Hell’s Kitchen, Season 5.

hell's_kitchenThe show is getting tiring. Don’t get me wrong, I love Gordon Ramsay to pieces, but the dynamics of the game hasn’t really changed since its inception. I wish they threw a wrench in the rules somewhere. Or even create rules in the first place. The “choose two of your teammates up for elimination” doesn’t call for strategy (or pathetic begging from teammates) because Gordon Ramsay has the last say. In the previous week’s episode, the two people up for elimination were sent back in line and another is sent home packing. Yes, Colleen was a little thick by opening a culinary class while she herself doesn’t know how to cook, and yes, she failed in proving her worth for five episodes running, but… hmmm, I forgot the but. I think Gordon was right. He always is. I’m a donkey for not remembering that. [Hell’s Kitchen: 3 stars]

These are the shows that I’m following this season. I’m adding a couple more to my repertoire: Make Me A Supermodel (the first 2 episodes of Season 2 I’m downloading as I type), and Kings, a new series depicting a modern-day King David story. The second one sounds very promising.

P.S. Thank God, tomorrow’s the next episode of Gossip Girl. I was getting worried for my show. I hope they already fixed that ridiculous Ms. Rachel Carr plotline. And whatever happened to Jack Bass and Blair Waldorf on New Year’s?! Are we ever going to find out?


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13 Responses

  1. White says:

    I just heard from the morning news…there was a riot in the on-going auditions of America’s Next Top Model…clothes everywhere on the street! (on the back of my mind: I hope I got the news right since I was busy ironing my office clothes this morning LOLS)

  2. N says:

    I’m also in WordPress! Not much in it though. It’s my mature side aching for a decent blog, so what the hey.

  3. N says:

    How do you like me now? I’m trying to be mysterious. 🙂

  4. N says:

    Jack Bass?

  5. kerwinray says:

    @ White: I have no idea it was that intense! Hahaha. 😛 Season 13’s going to be a riot, I can feel it.

    @ N: Hmmm, does your nickname end with an S, but your real name ends with a Y? 🙂

  6. N says:

    Nope. My father swindled all my trust fund money and is in hibernation. I had an affair with a duchess.

  7. White says:

    “N”…as my friend call me… 🙂

  8. N says:

    Look for me. I’m shiny. 🙂

  9. kerwinray says:

    @White: My head is about to burst! Hahaha!

    @N: Nate? Isdatchu?

  10. N says:

  11. kerwinray says:

    Nes, it is you. Nice blog. I’ll link you. 🙂

  12. tristan says:

    “…Celia the modelesque-but-too-old-and-will-probably-be-eliminated-before-the-final-two contestant (who, by the way, reminds me a lot of a less beautiful but funkier Renee in Jaslene’s cycle)”

    and when were you gonna tell me about this?

    “zapatos is spanish for shoe”

  13. kerwinray says:

    “Zapatos” is Spanish for shoe, indeed. He got booted, sadness. Haha. Lazybones kasi. I hope Dennis Rodman gets booted next.

    Di siya ganun kaganda, Tris, pero she does have a Renee resemblance, if not model skill.

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