The Sunbaked King

So Give Me Something to Sing About

There was a period during this blog’s lifetime when writing was such a breeze. Words just flew fast and furious underneath my fidgety fingers. Alliterations and assonances arrived undaunted upon the all-too-familiar screen. While entries may take hours– no, days– to type, that inner fire blazed on relentlessly. So gripping was the need to write that I went home each day checking out the site, wondering if it was time to blog, to schedule an entry, to read other fellow bloggers’ posts, to comment on the comments, or to simply sit there, mesmerized by the letters that formed words that formed sentences that formed ideas. And most of the time, I found that the ideas were good, and liberating, and wonderful.

That time wasn’t too long ago. Given that the site has not yet reached its first year (or its 100th post, whichever is more celebration-worthy), the “golden age” couldn’t have been too long ago. It’s kinda frightening to think of the prospect that the well has sprung too early and has now dried up: spent, dry, and lifeless. I don’t even want to entertain the notion that the events of the past few weeks have led to this moment of saturation. Have I immersed myself too much in the “real” world only to realize that I’ve left only a tiny piece of myself online? Tiny piece being the ability to write? Does the tradeoff really exist?

I don’t want to believe it, so I won’t. And writing this entry, however meta it may sound, is a step towards the right direction. I can write. I will write.


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In Case You Have Forgotten

My name is Kerwin Ray Escape Sentillas. I am 24 years old, turning 25 this August. I am a lover of all things pop, of all things literary, of all things contemporary. I love Lucky Me! Pancit Canton Chilimansi. I love Wonka Nerds. I love that helium dalmatian from Toy Kingdom, the one that floats and glides like a white silky dress in the middle of the night. And in case you have forgotten, I love my name. A marriage of Irish and Spanish influences, of Keating-Iglesias descent, my name dictates who I am. I am The Dark-skinned King.

Fifty-one days is a long time for a King to be away. But the universe surprises, and he is sent to places he has only heard of from stories chroniclers weave in the loneliest of nights. Like a knight in search for the Holy Grail, he must set off to find his place in these adventures. He is helpless; the universe has taken him in, and he must do as the universe dictates.

Fifty-one days:

An adventure up North. A struggle between two opposing kingdoms. A defection to the other side. A test for a congregation of wizards, a battle of wits which he has failed. A renewed sense of self, a vow to avenge the loss. A change of wardrobe. An encounter with a warlock from the past, a figure that turned out to be the key to clearing the fog in the King’s soul and heart. A mountain, a forest, a full moon. A dog with spots. A news from a faraway duke who just had an exciting moment in the dark. A single festivity for love found and birth remembered. A chaotic fair. A time in the theater. A shocking dip in the pool. An Amazing Race. An intriguing Dollhouse. A Kitchen in Hell. A Chef in Top form. A Girl who loved to spread the Gossip.

In case you have forgotten, I like to speak in cryptics. But I will let you in on some of these secrets, because people change. Subtly, slowly.

Fifty-one days:

I went to Ilocos and had the time of my life. I realized that travel is what I needed this year, that travel will literally transport me. It’s a time of firsts, and the first months with travel are just the beginning.

I am resigning from my present company and moving elsewhere for work. Somewhere close to home. Somewhere that will allow me to go to the gym after work, and still churn out a few pages of studying for my exam. Preferably with a grande Caffe Mocha in hand.

I need that time because I failed both my exams in 2008. I received news two weeks ago that I didn’t pass my December exam. Two days later I found out that I failed my December exam by a few points. I came so close, but was denied to proceed any further. This may sound bitter, because I am.

My best friend Jeland celebrated his birthday for reasons not solely related to his birth. In the month of hearts, I guess it’s just fitting.

I decided to change my hairstyle.

I won’t divulge any more, because that’s the way it is, that’s the way I’m built, that’s who I am. Besides, there are several more nights of storytelling. There are several more days of palavers around campfires. There are several more opportunities to bare myself, to peel my being layer by layer until I am found raw.

Because in case you have forgotten, I’m still here.

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