The Sunbaked King

Oh, Universe

Oh, universe.

I was all set to be sad and depressed the entire day yesterday, and yet you always managed to throw something at me to make me act otherwise. Why would you want me to hope? Why would you make me think that I’m living a wonderful life? Why would you delude me into accepting that I’m a lucky boy, after all?

Despite the fact that I was on leave the entire week last week to study for my exams, why would you send me only a few work emails instead of the tons I expected to meet? Well, I did receive a lot of messages in the inbox, but half of them were related to the upcoming department Christmas party, or inspirational messages for Christmas, or employee offers from our affiliated bank.

Despite the crisis that has severely crippled our company, why were there still a box of ham and a box of queso de bola lying on my desk?

Despite my past blunders as staff, why would you give me a boss who would complete almost everything I left behind?

Despite the several missteps I have done in my work for the past year, why would you grant me high grades in my annual performance appraisal? And what did I do to deserve the praises my boss heaped upon me? I am not the perfect staff I expected myself to be, so why did you paint a good picture of my work ethics?

Despite the lack of attention I gave my parents when they were here for a month, why would you allow my father to buy me the very expensive tickets to and from Davao? And despite my nonchalance and reckless abandon in using my credit card for my expenses, why would you allow him to acquiesce to my request of paying the said tickets in four monthly installments? This twist in events has greatly lifted a big weight on my finances for the month– why do this now?

Despite my shortcomings as a friend, why was I able to receive messages of consolation from those who’ve learned about my current disposition? Despite my inability to reward thoughtfulness with gestures of kindness, why would people remain to convey their comforting thoughts?

Universe, I am wary. Universe, I am scared. Please don’t give me all these, only to take them all away.

But for now: thank you, universe. Thank you.

I needed this more than you’ll ever know.


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2 Responses

  1. Wabthee Monster says:

    It’s called the Wabthoi Phenomenon. ^___^


  2. kerwinray says:

    I wonder who this Wabthee Monster is. 🙂

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