The Sunbaked King

Exam Season

It’s exam season in my part of the world, and tensions are running high. In one corner you can hear people discussing put-call options, the Black-Scholes formula, and the importance of asset-liability matching. In another you’ll hear mutterings of reserves, premiums, and death benefits. The world is suddenly a big sea of numbers, symbols, and abstractions, and we are fearfully wading in it.

For some, the exams (and consequently the fears) have already passed. They can now expel a sigh of relief because the ordeal is through. There’s the waiting part, of course, but not a lot of effort goes into that. They can always entertain themselves with happy thoughts (the latest Gossip Girl episode, free weekends, sleep) and they’ll be fine. Unfortunately for me, however, the “ordeal” is just about to escalate.

(A side note: “Ordeal” is enclosed in quotations marks because I don’t really consider studying a burden. In fact, my thoughts on studying are brimming with positivity.)

I have three exams, two of which are related to my industry, and the other one related to my profession. Those first two I’ll have to take tomorrow and on Thursday. It’s extremely easy to cram for those normally, but cramming tends to mess with your head if you do it too much. Maybe this is why I’m sitting here in Starbucks blogging instead of preparing for the exam. I’m panic-stricken. If you can see me now, I’m shaking like the wind and sweating like the river. I don’t think those two phrases are real expressions, but you know what I mean. If someone comes over right now and touches me, I will freak out and stab him with a fork–

I’m just kidding. I’m fine. Seriously though, I’m supposed to be studying, and what I’m doing is delaying the inevitable. But I’ll get through those two, I hope, well enough. The problem lies with the exam I’ll be taking on December, the one related to my profession. I’ve been studying for that since August, and yet I still feel so unprepared. Days of poring through photocopied materials have produced little recall; nights of stubbing my fingers on calculator keys have produced little effect. And to top it all off, I still have one huge reading to study. With only one month to go and a trip to Cagayan de Oro in the middle of the month, can I still make it?


I have to study now.


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11 Responses

  1. makmak says:

    Good thing that you don’t have a fork right now. Hah. 😛

  2. kerwinray says:

    Maybe the straw will have to do, Mak. What do you think?

  3. makmak says:

    Haha. I actually thought of that kaya lang I posted my comment already. Kainis. Hahah (so conio). Hehehe. 😛

  4. kerwinray says:

    I get dibs on the straw. Haha. Stab.

  5. White says:

    Ker, are you dead already? Hehe

    (had a comment last night but wordpress snobbed it…is there a ‘blog war’ going on?)

  6. makmak says:

    @white: I think you should address that ‘dead’ question to me. Ker had the straw.

  7. white says:

    hmmmnnn mak, are you dead already? there! hehe

  8. makmak says:

    Is that you God? It’s me MakMak.

  9. jm says:

    alam m na ggawin mo sa proctor mo! 🙂

  10. tristan says:

    good luck, bai!

  11. kerwinray says:

    @ White and MakMak: Wow! Conversations about death! Haha. I’m alive, Mak’s alive, White’s alive. 😛

    @ JM: Yep, alam ko na. Hahaha.

    @ Tris: Thanks, Tris! 🙂

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