The Sunbaked King


You’ve heard of this before, probably in the form of a reprimand from your elders: there are certain things that one should not talk about in a public setting. Especially during lunch. Debatoids like whether you should squat or sit on the toilet seat, factoids like the color of your stool, and newstasoids like the latest scientific developments on the excretory systemΒ are indeed best discussed at the proper venue and at the proper time. It’s one thing to be open-minded, and it’s another thing to be uncouth.

But it’s yet another thing to be judgmental.

For the sake of argument, consider these two questions:

1. What is ‘public setting’ in the first place? Is it public when you’re around strangers? Is it public when you’re not in an enclosed space?Β 
2. Β Is the acceptability of a topic contingent on the open-mindedness of its audience? In other words, is any topic an acceptable one when deemed as such by those who hear it?

The lines between taboo and ‘fair talk’ have blurred more rapidly during the last ten years than in the last one hundred. As the world shrunk more and more because of modernity, cultural differences grew more and more familiar. With familiarity came acceptance, and with acceptance came respect. At the very least, the world became more tolerant.

Unfortunately, tolerance is such a flimsy word tossed around by those who really cannot tolerate; abused by those who are filled with irrational hate; and used as a convenient facade by those with double standards. Whoever said that “Familiarity breeds contempt” saw this other side of the social trend. Instead of gaining an appreciation for someone with a different mindset, a localized form of xenophobia comes into play and rejects the person entirely.

Does this sound so freakishly similar to censorship?

You should not feel the need to bend your beliefs, just solely because your mindset is an unpopular one. If you are convinced of the truthfulness of your views, you should find no reason to feel pressured to change them. Others may condemn out of spite; these should be ignored. Others may comment out of the need to enlighten; these should be considered. If, in the process of discerning, your worldview retains its logic, its validity, its appeal, then commit to it. The haters will be banging their drums soundlessly against the fortress that is your mind.

I realize that this is a massive soapbox I’m standing on, but I have to say my piece. Now I’ll step down and hush.


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5 Responses

  1. white says:

    hmnnnnn…..hmnnnnn…..hmnnnnnn…..that’s all i can say. there are too many words already. πŸ™‚ i’ll just HUSH on this one.

  2. joeysince1983 says:

    Ei ker! I think this is one of your best moving and powerful post yet. I can relate in a lot of things you’ve mentioned above.

    Good luck! πŸ™‚

  3. kerwinray says:

    @ White: Haha, yes, too many words already. It’s a lengthy post, at least for me.

    @ Joey: Thanks, Joey. I guess I’m just affected. πŸ™‚ Joey, what’s your new site nga?

  4. j-man says:

    Dear K.R.S.,

    It would seem that you are “affected”… lately. I think you need to do G.T. (what I mean to say is [G]ood [T]ime). :p

    I’m not sure if I’m gonna put up a new blog. I think I’ve lost the inspiration to write about stuffs. If ever it comes up, you’d be the first to know. πŸ™‚

    Best wishes,


  5. kerwinray says:

    Aw, J-Man, I love GT, but you know you love GT more! Hahaha. πŸ˜› GT is such the PE chick to beat! Oops, I think I gave away too much information. πŸ˜›

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