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I’ve been sick for five days now. It began on Monday night, when I started coughing. I asked the people in the office if they had any Tuseran or Robitussin Cough Liquick in hand, but they had none. So I went with Biogesic, instead. That must have been a boneheaded move, because the day after, I woke up with a fever AND a cough. Way to self-medicate.

In any case, I texted my boss and told her I couldn’t report for work that morning; I had to rest. By noontime, it was clear that I wasn’t going to get well with 6 additional hours of rest. I texted the boss once again and explained, in the sweetest sickest text “voice” possible, that I had to extend my sick leave to an entire day. I then made the mandatory promise that I’ll finish all my stuff tomorrow for her checking. With that, I pulled up my sheets, and slept. For Tuesday, I drank Bioflu and Robitussin alternately, because I didn’t know what in hell was wrong with me. Should I target the cough? Or should I target the fever?

On Wednesday, I had a fever AND a cough AND a running nose. So apparently, I missed all my targets. I was worse off that day than the day before, but I had to get up and work. (This feels eeriely like White’s entry. Haha.) I wasn’t going into the battle of Excel spreadsheets without proper medical ammunition, though, so as soon as I arrived, I went to the clinic to consult with the doctor. She then prescribed me (wait, looking for it) Decolsin and some anti-viral (anti-bacterial) drug. All this she got from my complaints of cough, fever, and running nose alone. She didn’t even take my temperature or used the stethoscope thingie. How she managed to pinpoint my medication based on my words alone is highly suspicious, but she was the doctor, and I was the actuary-to-be. I had no choice. Besides, Decolsin is close enough to Decolgen, which I’m familiar with, so I guess I’d have to trust her judgment.

I was about to damn the doctor one day, five rolls of tissue, and three “ewww, Kerwin” comments after, because it appeared as though the medicines weren’t working. But then, like an eagle ascending from the branches of the narra, like a cotton floating through the air, like a hot-air balloon on its way up, my illnesses lifted one at a time. First, the fever, on Thursday. Then the running nose on Friday night. And then, slowly but surely, the cough this Saturday morning. If yesterday night I told my friends that I was already at 75% working capacity, today I’m at 85%. If the cough totally clears, then I’m good to go once again.

Just in time for another party tonight, perhaps? 🙂


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4 Responses

  1. Jeland says:

    “…like an eagle ascending from the branches of the narra, like a cotton floating through the air, like a hot-air balloon on its way up…”

    Really now? Hahaha.. ;p

  2. White says:

    Omg! It is eerie then! We have almost the same situation except for the cough. But sheeesh…I did have high body temps especially at night. Then when my fever was gone after 4 days, my b***l movement went crazy. That pissed me off. And worse, I need to work since it’s month-end.

  3. Ryan says:

    hahaha kaya its much better to have a checkup before you self medicate… good thing you felt better for the party… pagaling ka po Ker… hehehe;p

  4. kerwinray says:

    @ Jeland: Haha, ganun talaga.

    @ White: I had to work because it was beginning-of-month. 🙂 And I have to work again tomorrow. Haha.

    @ Ryan: Yep, I’m glad I went. I almost didn’t because I thought my illnesses were going to be triggered again. Buti na lang hindi. 🙂

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