The Sunbaked King

On The One Hand; On The Other

On the one hand: An intake of breath, an acceleration of heartbeat, a heightening of the senses. A rapid series of motions that involves no emotions and no thought. A lingering touch at the nape, a firm clutch on the waist. A magnetic flux swirls in between, pushing chests together, and rationality far apart. As the music blasts on endlessly, the hands work their magic mindlessly. Exciting. Forbidding. Temporary. And for the finale, a kiss with an expiration date: soon to be forgotten, never to be remembered again.

On the other: A tug at the hem, a fold of the collar, a pat at a sleeve. A conscious effort to hide the nervousness behind a shy smile. A mental checklist of do’s and don’ts, an image of cue cards with questions. The scent of grilled meat swirls in between, joining appetites together, and dialogue far apart. As the meal lingers on, words become conversation with much effort. Classy. Well-intentioned. Lost. And for the finale, an awkward wave of the hand: uncertain whether to forget, unsure whether to remember.

On the one hand: A natural tendency to flirt.

On the other: A forced desire to love.

The choice is not always as easy as it seems.


Filed under: Domesticated, Eros, Untamed

3 Responses

  1. makmak says:

    There’s no need to complicate… 🙂

    These things should NEVER be difficult. Consider your priorities then go with whatever/whomever makes you really happy.

  2. JM says:

    tama si mak. no need to complicate. go with the flow for now until you’ve decided what u want to do. 🙂

  3. kerwinray says:

    @ MakMak: Haha, but I like complicating things. That’s the reality of me. 😛

    @ JM: Going with the flow sounds like fun, but there is an end to it, right? 🙂

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