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During one of my not-so-busy-at-work days, I decided to plot my log-in times in the office. (Oh don’t be too shocked. You should try it yourself.) I just wanted to see how I was doing in terms of routine change. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Exhibit A, and a whole new level of geekery:

Exhibit A. Arrival Times from BOY 2008 until mid-September 2008.

Eherm. The x-axis represents the dates, from Beginning-Of-Year (BOY) 2008 until last week, during which time I made this nifty little graph. The y-axis represents the log-in times. I didn’t include afternoon log-ins, because I cease to be late then; I’m already half-a-day absent. In any case, notice the thick red line running through the 8:30 AM latitude? That’s the proper, HR-mandated, arrival time. Now, notice that aside from a few outliers, my arrival times (represented by crests and troughs) have fallen almost always beyond the thick red line. In other words, I’ve been late… almost all the freaking time.

I want you to turn your attention to the area bordered by the thick blue rectangle. Check out Mt. Everest. That particular peak is interesting, because it hovers just slightly below the 10:30 AM mark, 2 hours later than the arrival time proper for a decent employee. Now, let’s magnify that plot, and see what interesting observations we can derive:

Exhibit B. Arrival Times from Mid-August 2008 until Mid-September

The peak can now be seen in its entirety. It is, in fact, the highest point since BOY. But wait. Right after that monster of a mountain, the slope dips sharply to somewhere below the red line. And amazingly, this trend is sustained until the creation of the graph. Extrapolating for another week or so will yield the same trend. The arrival times have not gone beyond the red line.

So kiddies, what inferences can you surmise from this graph? What could possibly trigger the sudden (early) dive? A flash of guilt? A bout of shame? An epiphany of sorts? Or none of the above?

Write your answers on a 1/4 sheet of intermediate pad paper. No cheating.


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11 Responses

  1. White says:

    Wow! Nice. Looks like the trend graph of S&P index. Hehe Seriously, looks impressive and you seem to make good of your resolve the last time. I’ve tried this ‘study’ before on myself, actually several times in a span of 2 years, but I have not been consistent. I am very interested in your presentation since I am constantly struggling with tardiness. Hmmmm, lately I have been able to stay below that ‘red’ line. πŸ™‚

  2. kerwinray says:

    Haha. White, I’m beginning to become more and more acquainted as to where you work. You posted an entry on the Lehman Brothers/Merrill Lynch/AIG crisis (guess which one I’m part of, haha), and now you comment on S&P.

    Anyway, stay below the red line! It is evil! And evil = deductions come pay day! Evil! πŸ˜›

  3. Ryan says:

    hahaha naaliw naman ako sa explanation mo ker hehehe hindi ako nabore at naka zzzzzzzzzzz….. keep up your being punctual!!;p

  4. Jeland says:

    Hmm, so is this a reply to KR’s geeky entry about the bell curve, outliers and stuff (which of course I only encountered once in college, tsk tsk)? Buti na lang the legal jargon sounds a little more “normal” than this and I wouldn’t have any entries of this kind, hehehe. ;p

  5. white says:

    @kerwin – LOL. You want me to guess?! But then, I have also a very good idea where you work. Hah!

    Well, so far I haven’t got any deductions from pay…not yet, fortunately. Maybe it’s because I work more hours than I should have. hehe There….another hint for you!. hehe

  6. joeysince1983 says:

    Umm… I SO love this post. But I’ve been meaning to ask something since I read one of your post like weeks or months ago… Here’s what I wrote down in my 1/4 MANILA PAPER: :p

    “should i be worried?”

  7. kerwinray says:

    @ Ryan: Thanks! Triny ko talagang di gawing boring. πŸ˜›

    @ Jeland: Legal jargon definitely does not sound “normal.” It’s not called goobledygook for nothing. Haha. On the other hand, graphs are concise and beautiful-looking. πŸ˜›

    @ White: I also work longer hours than what’s necessary. Haha. No OT pay, though.

    @ Joey: Wow! 1/4 manila paper! Haha. I miss those flimsy sheets! In any case, no need to worry, Joey… yet. πŸ™‚

  8. Jose says:

    Ay nakow kanerdohan. But that makes you you right? Haha and one of the reasons why we’re friends. Nerdos unite!

  9. kerwinray says:

    @ Jose: Yes! Next time, Black-Scholes naman. Haha. πŸ˜›

  10. alfrenzy says:

    control charts kung control charts. have you identified your upper and lower control limits? and are you within your limits? harhar.

  11. kerwinray says:

    I think I am within my limits, thank goodness! πŸ™‚ What happens when I slip a little, though?

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