The Sunbaked King

Jacques and Kenneth

Brothers, I call them. The former my brother by friendship, the latter my brother by blood.

When Mama gave birth to Kenneth, I got displaced as the youngest son, and therefore lost the fascination of the people around me. All eyes were on Mama’s new baby. For a moment, I envied the creature that has made itself audibly present in our midst; for a moment, I felt sorry for the attention that I lost. But the moment passed. What replaced the green-eyed monster was a sense of kinship, a burst of feeling, a jolt of a remarkable connection. Yes, I was no longer the youngest son, but I transformed into someone better: I was now my brother’s guardian, I was now my brother’s guide.

Jack’s birth, on the other hand, was something I did not witness firsthand. After knowing the guy for almost 5 years now, I realize that his birth was probably a momentous and exciting event. An explorer at heart, Jack dares to be in different situations from that he is accustomed to. While at times this may lead to disappointments (and the occasional heartbreaks), he is not weakened; he is strong. It’s almost funny, the way I assigned myself the role of “brother” when Jack arrived in Manila for college; it’s even funnier how life reverses roles.

Two men in their teens, each as open to life as the other, both more courageous than I’ll ever be. While I continue to remain within the confines of my safe zones, these two have managed to step outside theirs, and explored life as it should be explored– with eyes full of wonder and with heart full of pride. I am likewise proud of and in awe at the persons these two have become. I am lucky to have them as brothers.

Jacques just turned 19. Kenneth just turned 17.

This is one week late, but happy birthday you guys. 🙂


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3 Responses

  1. Jacques says:

    Haha, thanks Ker! I’m so touched. 🙂 I don’t get how the roles reversed, though.

  2. Ken S. says:

    weeeeeeness! thanks, aben! ^_^


  3. kerwinray says:

    @ Jack: It’s just that sometimes, you seem to be the mature one. It’s a good thing, really. 🙂

    @ Ken: Hugthoi! 😀

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