The Sunbaked King

It’s My Birthday and I Can Cry If I Want To…

… but I’d rather not. Who would want to cry on their birthday, right? What I’d rather do is post some pictures of the shiny little things my generous friends gave me that day. To give sufficient justice to their awesomeness, I set up a little studio in my room consisting of a study lamp, an ironing board, and a white shirt. Yes, I attempted to take professional-looking photos of my gifts. Yes, I am that thankful. (And yes, I was on leave from work when I took these.)

The Wallet 

The wallet I owned prior to this had a wonderful texture and a simple design which I loved. Unfortunately, it had one small problem. I think it was made for some other country’s currency. No matter how much I tried to force them in, the bills just wouldn’t fit. I would still have to fold them in half before they could be properly placed, and I hated doing that. One tug, and all the bills came tumbling out. Needless to say, this new wallet’s a real blessing. You just shaved a few stress-related wrinkles off my face, Jel. Thanks.

The Belt

This is an accessory I’ve been wanting to buy for sometime now but never had the chance to do so because 1) it kept slipping down my priority to-buy list, and 2) nobody gets too see it anyway. Honestly, I’ve never found belts to be that useful. If you were to buy pants that fit, you wouldn’t have much use for it, would you? The ironic thing is, I do have pants that don’t fit, and besides, I’ve found wearing belts and taking them off to be tremendously sexy. I have no idea why. Honestly.

The Belt, Part Deux

Fate agrees with me. It gave me two belts. Belts must be REALLY sexy. Thanks for this, Chris.

The Baggage Tag

You know how confusing the airport can be. One time you’re dragging your cart in peace, the next you’re trying to zigzag yourself to safety. And of course, there’s the Conveyor Belt of Long Wait. It’s Murphy’s Law all over again. No matter what you do, you’ll always find that you’ll have to wait longer than the people beside you. And there’s a big chance you’ll miss picking up your stuff the first time it hits the Belt. Good thing I got this baggage tag from my office friends. That’s one less way for you to create havoc, you evil Murphy you.

The Hoodie Shirt

Thanks to Charline, I got my first hoodie shirt. Yay! I tried it on today and it looked absolutely kick-ass. I didn’t exactly put on the hood (I didn’t want to mess up the intricately gelled hair), but it still looked great unused. And for the curious: “IN SCOUTING.” That’s what it says. “WANT TO SEE WHAT I LEARNED IN SCOUTING.” You of dirty minds. Tsk, tsk.

The Kuffiyeh

Or global warmer or fancy scarf or whatever it’s called. My office friends knew about me (secretly) wanting to own one, and they indulged me. I don’t know where or when I’ll be able to wear this, what shirt to go with it, and what pants to go with that, but it’s nice to know I have this option. The Philippines will be colder, people. Trust me.

And finally:

The iPod Touch

Haha. Not really. They gave me the case. I just recently bought a GelaSkin for my Touch, thinking it was just the thing I needed to hide the scratch-infested back. I didn’t realize that they would be getting me this. I’m not regretting my Skin purchase, though, since the design’s fantastic. This gift just added a whole new layer of protection for my little baby. 

For all those who made my birthday as special as it was, thank you very much. Gifts or no gifts, I’m just glad I’m living another year with you guys. 

Now on to the 25th year! 🙂



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2 Responses

  1. makmak says:

    So that’s what it’s called… referring to the kuffiyeh, of course. You wouldn’t want to know what my friend and I called it. 😛

    Re: your old wallet – did you try putting just a couple of bills inside, and not the entire bundle? 😛

    Re: belts=sexy – LOL. Just that. Hahahaha.

    I bought an iPod Touch a few months back and I really hate how I have to take it out everytime I want to skip a track. So I stashed it away and revived my 3-year old (or 2) vintage Nano. 😛 I just can’t get used to tinkering with Touch. It annoys me.

  2. kerwinray says:

    Hahaha! Do tell me, Mak! I’m curious. 🙂 My friends and I have laughed at the kuffiyeh ourselves. 😛

    It’s not even the thickness of the bills, it’s the length. I understand US bills are slightly shorter in length, they must have thought of those.

    Belts, belts, belts. Well, aren’t they? Haha.

    That’s one of the problems with it, I agree. But the features all compensate for the awkwardness. Give it a chance! Haha. I especially love looking at the huge album covers. I’m an addict for downloading album covers for my songs.

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