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This is Ridiculous: The iPhone 3G Scandal

I’ve been wanting to buy the iPhone since I first viewed the commercial for it way back last year. Simply put, I was amazed. The product remains true to the Apple brand: intuitive and sleek, without sacrificing on the functionality and vastness of the features. Needless to say, my eyes were set on buying the nifty little thing. However, since the gadget wasn’t available here yet, I decided to hold out on spending and stuck with my Samsung D900 phone, instead. (Which has served me tremendously well, by the way.)

Imagine my excitement when Globe Telecoms announced that it was getting the rights to release the iPhone later this year. Said excitement escalated when I learned two things: 1) the iPhone was going to be released with 3G capability and 2) Apple was selling it for half the price of the original. 

But now, this.

Are you FREAKING insane?! The 8 GB variant of the iPhone 3G sells for $199. That’s roughly P10,000, even less. Of course, conversions are always a tricky thing; one should never convert. So I expected Globe to do a gigantic mark-up, like say, P20,000. Or if they’re really wanting to milk the demand for all its worth, maybe until P30,000. But P40,000+? This is ridiculous.

With a single price, Globe has managed to betray Steve Jobs’s vision and its own. P40,000 won’t make Apple accessible to each Filipino consumer. P40,000 won’t “make great things possible.” P40,000 won’t make us “tight.” P40,000 will make you poor, will make you shake your head in disappointment, will make you seethe in rage, and will make you spend around an hour composing a blog entry to convey said poverty, disappointment, and rage.

Bad move, Globe.


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6 Responses

  1. makmak says:

    Stupid, stupid Globe. The iPhone was geared to the masses that’s why Apple lowered its price to USd199. I feel bad for those who will succumb to this ploy.

    Sa Greenhills na lang ako bibili. 😛 Cheaper pa by two thirds of that astronomical price.

  2. kerwinray says:

    Exactly. I feel my dream of owning an iPhone dashed. Just like that.

    Saan sa Greenhills meron? Hahaha. If I let someone from the States buy it for me, I’m thinking the open line service is going to be expensive, as well.

    Not 40,000+ expensive, though.

  3. makmak says:

    That was my original plan, kaya I wanted to extend my stay there before kaya lang naisip ko baka mapagastos ako kapag pina-open line ko pa tapos mawawala pa yung warranty noon kasi binuksan. So balewala. 🙂

    Unlike kapag Greenhills, at least lesser cash out. Kahit walang warranty. Ehehe.

  4. kerwinray says:

    Yep. It’s the warranty I worry about. Magkano kaya sa Greenhills. Haha.

  5. ella says:

    I’m no Globe employee, but to their defense, I think they’re not the ones (entirely) to blame.
    In the US the sole iPhone carrier is AT&T, and they actually have different plans for the 3G iPhone, the original iPhone, and the other phones. For the same services, iPhone users actually pay more per month (up to $30 more, or even higher, I think). And the $199 price tag is not for everyone – only for those eligible for upgrades (such as those renewing their contracts). The rest have to pay $399, and that’s with a 2-year contract.
    And since there is no way in hell that Apple did not know of this pricing scheme, I would say it’s false, manipulative advertising. We’ve all been duped. x.x

  6. kerwinray says:

    This is really interesting, and cools me down somewhat. Sadly, if it’s not one bad thing, it’s another. Overpricing or manipulative advertising, all it really means is that there’s no iPhone for me. 😦

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