The Sunbaked King


Last Day in the Office: 08.08.08 

There are only a few people you meet in life that you know will change you in ways that you can never expect. Bonds like these are far and few; you hold on to them as much as you can, as long as you can, because, as the cliche goes, you never know what you have lost until you lose them.

In this world of utilitarian values and fleeting relationships, it’s good to know that your worth as a friend is not dictated by the number of people you managed to add in Facebook, or the number of people commenting on your Multiply site. It’s good to know that some people actually value you for who you are, with careful regard as to your most obvious flaws as a person. 

Chris is one of those people. My friendship with Chris is one of those bonds.

I will miss the coffee breaks at Ms. Lena’s pantry. I will miss the trips to Delifrance and McDonald’s. I will miss the fascination with fancy, expensive stuff. I will miss the ferocious moves and the fierce poses, both of which I cannot even attempt to emulate. I will miss the “sad peys,” and the siopao smile. 

I will miss my Constant Source of Joy in the office.

Starting Monday, office hours will no longer be the same.

Good luck Chris! See you around.


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