The Sunbaked King

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor


The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Brendan Fraser, Maria Bello, Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh

I know, I know. I said I wasn’t going to watch this movie. But it was a Friday night, it was drizzling outside, and the comfortable theater seats were too tempting to pass. So a movie it was. But which? Jel and I have already seen The Dark Knight, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Mamma Mia. As much as I wanted to watch Joker chill the hell out of me again, or listen to Meryl Streep impress me with her mad Abba vocalization skillz again, I thought it was best to move on after two viewings of each film. Given that, we were left with two options: A Very Special Love and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. There was no contest. Between my utter dismay at the exclusion of one fabulous Rachel Weisz and my utter disgust at the inclusion of one overrated Sarah Geronimo, I chose to be dismayed.

And dismayed I was.

I don’t know what turned me off more: Brendan Frasier’s tiresome antics [I really should have stopped with Journey to the Center of the Earth], Maria Bello’s underwhelming revival of Weisz’s feisty adventurer persona [she was too… British], Jet Li’s lackluster and almost bored performance as an emperor/warlord/stereotypical-Chinese-war-leader, or John Hannah’s annoying face. Seriously, I can’t pick.

Sadly, I’m just starting with the actors. How about the recycled plot, the contrived and convenient use of China as the film’s setting, the misuse of Michelle Yeoh, the cringeworthy romantic angle between what’s-his-face and what’s-hers, and– most horrifying of all– the hint at an upcoming sequel. 

No wonder the producers titled the movie with such promising and grand terms. They were obviously compensating.


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4 Responses

  1. I hear ya. It could have been so much better.
    I really had high hopes going in, but alas,
    they were dashed by the time I left. Maybe
    they will try to fix things with a “Mummy 4”?
    I’d be willing to give them a second chance,
    and I actually didn’t mind Maria Bello !

  2. makmak says:

    Ugh, Sarah is not overrated! 😛 LOL. She’s adorable. You know who’s overrated? Ruffa. (She’s the first person I can think of.) 😛

    I won’t be watching any movies muna… Parang walang maganda. I’ll just wait for The House Bunny. 🙂

  3. hodgepodge says:

    Sarah I think is not overrated…heheh

    And everytime I look at the posters of The Mummy, I really loathe why Rachel Weisz was excluded from the sequel. I also don’t think I could buy another sequel after this one.

  4. kerwinray says:

    @ Daniel: Noooo! Not another Mummy series! I think Brendan Fraser should try another “Bedazzled” type of movie; he needs to give the adventurer role a little nap.

    By the way, really funny film commentaries! I’ll link you if you don’t mind.

    @ MakMak: Haha, I think I touched a raw nerve with my comment about Sarah G. How many times does she celebrate her birthday every year in ASAP? Four times? Haha.

    Hey, maybe you’d want to catch My Sassy Girl or Hellboy II. I hear the latter’s good. 🙂

    @ Hodgepodge: She was not the typical leading lady. She kicked ass, and she looked good (and convincing) doing it. Clearly, my bias for Rachel Weisz shows, but it was a big loss.

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