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The Wall

While Ken and I were waiting for the 10:30 PM showing of The Dark Knight, we decided to head out to Fully Booked (why does this introduction sound so familiar?) to take a picture of that Top 100 Books wall I mentioned about earlier (ahhh, this is why). We had to do so stealthily, because Fully Booked does not allow picture-taking in its premises. I was already reprimanded once because of my “bad” behavior. (Start of rant: Can I just say how rude the sales staff in Fully Booked Rockwell can be? There’s really something about these stores located in “posh” malls; their staff seem to think they can look down at anyone. Hey, I’m a paying customer, treat me like one. End of rant.) In any case, here was what I got when I positioned myself at the railings outside the store.

Front: My brother, Kenneth. Back: Fully Booked. Zoom: 0.

Technically, we weren’t violating any rules, since we weren’t in the premises. I just happened to have a very powerful camera with a very extensive zoom range.

Unfortunately, it would take several shots of the wall to get the complete list of books. So Ken and I decided to enter the premises and agreed to type down each book title and author in our phones. (Yes, we’re crazy.) We divided the list of books into two, and then went at it. I was midway through my set when Ken approached me, holding the Top 100 list. My jaw dropped. Before you accuse me of not thinking about asking, the last time we were there, we asked one of the store staff if they had any copy of the list on the wall, and she said there were none. (Start of rant: Irksome little imp. End of rant.)

Because of my irritation, I took pictures of the wall while inside the store.

I thought I got away with it, but while I was on the phone, a sales staff approached my brother to reprimand him, instead. Defiance does have its consequences. Nonetheless, I got what I wanted. Check out the Book Club section to see the fruits of my misplaced labor.


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5 Responses

  1. mak says:

    You guys were there yesterday? I was there earlier, I think. LOL.

    Anyway, they must have taken that list online or somewhere. Google will give you about 26.1M hits on that phrase. 😛

  2. JM says:

    dapat mabasa ko yan. Top 100 books! haha kaso mamumulubi tayo jan! ung nabili ko sa booksale ng P80, nakta ko jan ng P350++!!

  3. kerwinray says:

    @ MakMak: We were there Saturday. Hee.

    Geek that I am, I even planned on writing a comment on their website, just to ask where they got their damn list. Haha.

    @ JM: Wala akong balak bilhin lahat! Ak! When I can, I’ll borrow books from friends or buy them cheap elsewhere. Ang mahal nga ng Fully Booked.

  4. tristan says:

    haha. i could have told you that they had that little pamphlet thingy.

    i felt so “uncultured” or “literaturically-challenged” (what!?) finding out i’ve only read a handful of those books. won’t divulge exact number.

  5. kerwinray says:

    Tris, don’t worry. Mine’s less than a fifth. 😛 Won’t divulge how far from that number. Haha.

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