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The Boob Tube

I’m a reality TV freak. No, I’m not a fan of those shows that follow celebrities’ lives around or those creepy detective-type spectacles that try to catch your spouse cheating on you. I’m also not a fan of those dating-type shows that claim to be avenues for you to find your One True Love. And I really hate Fear Factor. So… I guess I’m not much of reality TV freak, after all. Maybe reality TV groupie is the better term.

But my TV choices are pretty clear: I don’t watch Lost, Prison Break, Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, or Gossip Girl, not because they’re not good (from almost all accounts they are GREAT), but because they are a chore to watch. You have to watch entire seasons to get a clear of idea of how everything goes. With elimination-type reality TV shows, though, you get action in delicious bite-sized pieces, similar to those Big Bang and Cloud 9 chocolate bars I used to enjoy in Grade School. And when the season ends and a contestant is declared a victor, you can safely withdraw all the emotions you have invested into a single person. Life moves on. Another season awaits. (Unless, of course, they do All-Stars, in which case, it’s back to safeguarding your heart.)

Of course, I sometimes watch non-reality shows just for the heck of it. The more obscure a TV series is here in the Philippines, the more likely I’m going to download its episodes. I don’t know why I do this. Maybe because I like telling people they’re missing half of their life by missing out on a certain show. Maybe because I want to brag. Or maybe because I’ve missed out on the first few seasons of every show everyone is watching, and can’t catch up, and I’m being bitter. Whatever the reason, the fact remains: I watch some shows, and skip others. Whatever rocks your boat, right?

Check out the shows that do rock my boat in my new section: the Boob Tube

P.S. In case you haven’t noticed, the entire entry is just one big plug for the new section. In television, in blogging, and in life, a little razzle-dazzle can’t hurt, right?


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7 Responses

  1. makmak says:

    What you said about TV shows like Gossip Girl, Heroes, Ugly Betty is true. One has to watch the entire season just to know the why’s and what’s of the show. To me, it instills patience as I have to wait week after week to know what will happen next. I remember my Charmed days when Monday is MY day. Nobody dared touch the remote control. LOL.

    As for reality shows, it is somewhat addictive but it really has to be interesting to get my attention. I think the only show that got me hooked was the first few seasons of Survivor. Then I got tired of seeing the khaki-wearing dude.

    Oh, and I absolutely despise PBB and Starstruck.

  2. Kel Reel says:

    dumadami na ang blog sections! weeeeeness! ^_^

  3. kerwinray says:

    @ MakMak: Gosh, I remember those Mondays, Mak! Hahaha. Charmed came after Dawson’s Creek , both shown on Studio 23. Since I didn’t have as much of an authority as you had back at home, I went to my room and watched the shows there. THERE I had authority. Haha.

    @ Ken: Yeiz! But I think that’s the last of it, Ken. Movies? Check. Books? Check. Restos? Check. TV? Check. Wala na yatang iba. Hahaha.

  4. ryce says:

    hehehe reminisce ba ito?? haiiizzz namiss ko tuloy ang “the poer of three will set us free” hehehe love reality and series shows though hehehe adik lang sa heroes, lost at syempre pa ANTM woohoo;p

  5. kerwinray says:

    Napanood ko lang hanggang Season 3, yung namatay si Prue. After that, wala na. Wait, naabutan ko rin yata ang Season 4. Ito yung Cole-Phoebe tandem di ba?

    ANTM siempre. Hahaha. I have two photos in my hands…

  6. mak says:

    I only got hooked in ANTM when I was in the States. The winner, the girl who used to look like an elf, is pretty. I forgot though what her name was. LOL.

    Got one good thing out of that show – the word fierce. LOL.

  7. kerwinray says:

    Haha. I’m thinking that might be Naima (or Naema, whatever). She has elf-like ears.

    Another thing I got from that show: never ever trust Tyra to change your hair.

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