The Sunbaked King

Kaban ng Karunungan

Kaban ng karunungan, hindi nababawasan. – Filipino riddle

While Jel and I were waiting for the 11:10 PM showing of The Dark Knight, we decided to head out to Fully Booked to buy the book of idiomatic expressions that Jel started having interest in. Amazingly, the store did not have the book that we wanted. Back in Grade School, I used to have this little dictionary of idiomatic expressions (published by the almighty Oxford, no less) because I had to learn several of them in my Reading class. I guess the days of nifty little booklets are gone now; only these “Practice Makes Perfect” exercise books with their huge font sizes and gargantuan blank lines remain.

But I digress. While we were roaming the shelves, I saw this huge poster running across one of the walls. It immediately grabbed my attention. The poster lists the Top 100 Books of the Last 100 Years, and displays the covers of these books in full color. The whole thing was breathtaking, at least for me, and a little bit humbling. It’s been some time since I last completed a non-Stephen King non-academic book. I tried picking up Arundhati Roy’s God of Small Things, and found it positively rich, but somehow I couldn’t read it unless I was taking a dump. I guess what I’m saying is this: books have somehow left its usual prominent top position in my wishlist during birthdays and Christmas, and are now somehow at the bottom of it. 

I then thought of my 23 Things, Goal Number 16: Buy books NOT written by Stephen King. With my obsession over lists, and that particular goal in mind, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to start reading books again. I feel that my literary mind has gone on *snooze* long enough. Time to wake it up.

I begin with Richard Adams’s Watership Down.

[You can check out the books I’ve read (and the whole list, once I’ve taken the picture of that Fully Booked wall) in the Book Club corner. Soon.]


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