The Sunbaked King

The Taipan

What? Chinese (Cantonese) Cuisine

Where? Philamlife Tower, Paseo de Roxas, Makati City

Let’s break it down:

Food. Eat-all-you-can dim sum buffet! I didn’t recognize half of what’s being served in our table, and I wasn’t even able to take a look at the menu. What I know is that everything is shrimp-based. Hakao, shrimp dumpling, abalone on top of shrimp, pork on top of shrimp. I’m not complaining; I love shrimp. However, some variety would have been nice (yes, there were chicken legs, but no one even touched them).

4.5  out of 5

Ambiance. The place is as opulent as the jewelry in The Forbidden Palace. As such, it was not the place for loud conversations, camwhoring, and excessive display of gluttony. But we had all three, anyway, because how often can you say that you got in the most posh restaurant in the Philamlife Tower? Not very often, that’s how.

4  out of 5

Service. The waiters were very professional, both in style and form. They were efficient winds– unseen and unfelt, yet our glasses never seemed to run empty. We would have wanted the same treatment when it came to our soy sauce saucers; we had to ask for a refill.

 out of 5

The entire dinner was free, so I couldn’t really rate anything based on price. And since the place was available only to members, I couldn’t openly recommend it to everyone. You’ll just have to take my word for it; the dim sum, shrimp-monotonous as they were, were simply delicious.


Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a peek at some of the scenes during dinner. (Yes, I have to post this.)


While the food may be delicious,

it wasn’t as smoldering

or as sexy

or as sumptuous

as the rest of us.


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