The Sunbaked King

Good Days

Technically, the day started rough [see below]. But since I consider any time before waking as part of the day before, that blog entry, and all sentiments that went with it, were yesterday’s news. Today, July 7, is a good great day. And I want to write this before night gives way to the break of dawn, before chickens crow their salutations to the first rays of sunlight, and before the magic fades alongside the twinkling stars.

Today is a fantastic day. Today is love. 

There is love:

In the ease by which I hailed a taxi in the morning, and in the ease by which I hailed a taxi at night. In the news of a new possession. In the face of renewed fervor and ambition. In the KFC Hot and Crispy chicken I ate for dinner. In the Shake Shake Fries I asked from my officemate during lunch. In Wonka Nerds Sours. In two cups of coffee from the pantry. In rain outside when you’re in the inside. In text messages that make you laugh, make you wonder, make you think, make you smile. In peaking blog stats. In Multiply shout-outs. In the happiness of a friend. In work that never gets boring. In people that never stop giving. In six years of friendship. In you. In me.

I may have learned to become jaded about certain things in life, but this day is testament to the fact that no level of cynicism is difficult to overcome when the universe conspires for, rather than against you. 

Sometimes, all you need is just one little day.


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4 Responses

  1. Jeland says:

    In six years of friendship. Hear hear! ;p

  2. JM says:

    may cyber-toast tlgang nagaganap? hehe

  3. Jeland says:

    Syempre naman, JM. Pili ka ng line mo dun sa entry, tapos we’ll make a toast for it, hehe. ;p

  4. kerwinray says:

    @Jeland: Six years, Jel! Roomies forever! Kailan condo? Hehe.

    @JM: Complete with crystalline glasses filled with expensive Sauvignon Blanc wine. Hahaha.

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